27 April, 2004 - 2:53 p.m.

On writing and reactions

I'm really not sure how best to phrase this so if this is choppy and doesn't make sense then that's why.

When I write in this diary I do my best to use people's intials and nicknames and stuff to protect my and their privacy as much as possible. I do use a few people's names but I know they don't mind if I do that - most of them are people who have or had diaries on here too.

But it seems that wasn't enough on Saturday and one of the guys I was talking about read my entry and didn't like what I wrote about him.

I have a few things to say about that.

I didn't know he even knew I had a diary online, let alone where it was. If I had known that I would have been more careful about what I wrote. I am actually very intrigued to find out how he knew about it and where it was.

Re-reading it I can see that maybe it was hurtful and maybe I shouldn't have written it but this is my diary and I write it for myself and I just wasn't thinking when I wrote. So, AF, if you read this and you want me to edit that stuff out, let me know.

If people want to send me e-mails and leave me comments then go on then, do it. I love writing here and reading what people have to say for themselves.

If leaving me comments setting the story straight makes you feel better - then do it.

If getting your sister(?) to send me an e-mail about it makes her feel better then fair enough, do that.

Like i said, I like e-mail and comments and notes and stuff.

But don't expect those messages to bother me, if that was your aim, if you wanted to upset me then it was a waste of time.

Because I found being called a nasty piece of work very amusing, thank you for that, i really needed a good laugh when i got up this morning.

I think maybe someone sent me a message on yahoo messenger, I didn't get it tho because i saw a message come up but my computer crashed before I could read it. And because of how my messenger is set up if you want to talk to me on there, you'll have to e-mail me first and give me your screenname so I can add you to my friends list.

Perhaps this will make things worse, you never know how people will react to things, just as you never know exactly what people mean from just what they say on a screen. I could say more but I think I might just leave it with this.

Having said all that, on another note, since I got the original comment I've been very intrigued to know exactly who is reading and where you found me? Give me some Guestbook and comments love, people.

Oh and ball dress pictures are in my entry from yesterday

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